Helping people still in Ukrainian cities with essential supplies they desperately need


We started this organization to assist directly with help to the Ukrainian people in need during the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, providing critical supplies, food, medicine and housing for those still in cities. We are also leading a network of Ukranian volunteers “on-the-ground” in key cities.



Eugenia Talinovskaya & Oleksii Yudkevych

Kyiv-based volunteers & activists with 15+ years of experience.

Eugenia started volunteering in children’s homes, now she’s is a fundraising coordinator for an international charity organization “Кожен Може/Everybody Can”.

Oleksii started his volunteering experience during ATO in Dnepr and Poltava Oblast later, an active participant of Euromaidan.

Together, they’ve been involved in many volunteering and activist activities in Ukraine, including Maidan Uprising, Donbas War, Chernobyl Wildfire. Acting like first-responders each time they accumulate help and distribute within affected communities.


Marina Liapina

Maryna is a Kiev-based animal shelter volunteer who has been involved in animal rescue throughout Ukraine for many years. Since the beginning of the war with Russia, she rescues abandoned pets, the owners of which have left their homes and were not able to take pets with them.

Pavlo Servetnyk

Pavlo was a renowned chef in Ukraine and owner of multiple restaurants across his country. Now he is baking over five hundred thousand loaves of bread in the city Kherson where manufactures have been ruined after russian occupation thereby he is the only provider of fresh bread for the whole city.

Oleksandra Kozel-Potatuieva

Moved to NYC in 2020. Environmental activist & conservation volunteer for 10 + years. Works as a fashion stylist and set designer. Enjoys deep conversations and cats.

Daria Gordover

Moved to NYC in 2016. 15+ years of volunteer experience, volunteered as a second responder during the COVID pandemic. Works in mental health startup, enjoys spending time with friends, and rock climbing.

Ilya Lagodnyuk

Moved to NYC in 2018. Activist, bachelor’s degree in economics, marketing, and journalism. Works as a marketing specialist. Also, aspiring music artist and creative industries entrepreneur. Enjoys traveling and studying pop culture.


About Us

We are a community of immigrants in New York from Eastern Europe. We understand that it is our responsibility to help the most what we can to people that are being directly impacted by this military conflict.

The funds that we can allocate will be sent to verified volunteers in various regions of Ukraine for three causes: children’s assistance and their mothers, elders’ help, and domestic animals. Our goal is to distribute these funds evenly for all these three causes.

That is a catastrophe for generations that has to be stopped! But for now, each of us can contribute to helping people from Ukraine to survive this time.

How your donations will help

  • Acquire and distribute food & medical supplies
  • Acquire and distribute essential goods
  • Secure housing for refugees entering the US soon
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